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By Protecting What You’ve Already Built

We Can Work Together to Take Your Finances Further

Just like our clients, we have a focus on building a long-lasting legacy through intentional generational planning. Your family deserves to have a trusted partner work with them for decades to come, and we make sure our team is well-equipped to make it happen.

We’ve developed a simple, yet effective, four-step process that helps us learn all about who you are, what you value, and what we can do to prepare you for a life of feeling financially confident.

Campfire conversations

I. Discover Your Destination

We take a deeply personalized approach to wealth management, which means our first step is to sit back and listen. You’ll let us know all about your current standings and your goals for the future. We’ll answer any questions you may have about us and determine together if we may be a good fit.

Map of Oklahoma 1894

II. Build a Map

Next, we’ll get to work analyzing your financial picture, developing tailored strategies, and identifying solutions to achieve your long-term desires. Then we’ll present these solutions to you and discuss them at length. Our goal is to help you feel fully comfortable and confident with the solutions presented before we move forward.

A close up of horses hooves and legs. The horses are in a harness attached to a wagon on a grass field during a fair horse show. Filtered to give retro, vintage look.

III. Gear Up & Head Out

Once you approve the plan, we prepare for the trek and embark on your journey with you. We’ll implement foundational wealth management strategies to ensure you, your family, and your success are protected. Then we’ll begin executing other strategies according to your priorities and goals.

Meandering Path

IV. Enjoy the Journey

While we work hard behind the scenes addressing all facets of your wealth, you’ll have the freedom to spend more time with loved ones, build your business, or do whatever else brings you joy. We're here to support you and your family for years to come, and at any point in time, we’ll be available to answer questions, offer guidance, and make sure you stay on the right path for your best life.

Discover Your Path Today

“… a firm’s leaders should have the ‘courage and commitment’ to question whether a particular practice is truly ethical or truly in the best interests of clients and customers, no matter what the lawyers say. It means that ‘customers always come before the balance sheet and not the other way around.” 

― James P. Owen, Cowboy Ethics: What It Takes to Win at Life