Aligning your Heart with your Balance Sheet

Chisholm Trail Group

We are accomplished professionals with a commitment to continuous learning. We completely understand the values, resources, and goals of those who care deeply about their families, businesses, and professional futures, so through our mutual stewardship, they travel their Wealth Planning Trail with Confidence.

Chisholm Trail is a multi-generational wealth planning firm dedicated to helping families and businesses align their resources with their values. We use a comprehensive planning approach to organize their wealth planning picture and forecast what the journey ahead may have in store. Through our collaborative engagement we give clients the clarity and confidence to tackle whatever the trail ahead may bring. We approach every client relationship with a long-term bond. We strive to honor each client’s values, while remaining diligent and loyal to them and their goals.

We have fun. We are quick but not in a hurry. Our professionals are encouraged to be balanced, addressing in a purposeful way each aspect of life (spiritual, physical, family, social and intellectual).